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Name:Nick Burkhardt | Grimm
Location:Portland, Oregon, United States of America

Nick Burkhardt

Nick Burkhardt is originally from Rhinebeck, New York, where his parents died in an automobile collision in 1994 when Nick was twelve-years-old. The collision was engineered by Soledad Marquesa and others to acquire the Coins of Zakynthos.

Nick is a homicide detective in Portland, Oregon. He lives with Juliette Silverton, to whom he intended to propose and for whom he purchased an engagement ring; the ring had not been seen until Juliette found it while putting away some socks in Nick's chest of drawers.

Nick was raised by his Aunt Marie after his parents were killed in what Nick always believed to be a random event. Unknown to Nick until a visit by Aunt Marie, he is the descendant of a long line of human warriors, who protect mankind from rogue Wesen, creatures that are not wholly human, but that can appear human. While many Wesen live in peace with the humans around them, some let their wild natures get the better of them, and become violent, and it is up to a Grimm to stop this. The best known of Nick's ancestors are the Brothers Grimm, who wrote a book of fairy tales to help warn humans, especially children of the potential dangers of the world.

After an encounter with reformed Wieder Blutbad Monroe, he gained an unofficial partner. It seems the Reapers and maybe others in the Grimm world are very displeased by the idea of one of the creatures helping a Grimm. It defies the status quo, and although Monroe has been threatened and even beaten to keep him from helping Nick, he remains a true and loyal friend, helping out with information and back up. Monroe is the only person in whom Nick can confide about his Grimm activity, and Monroe is aware of Aunt Marie's trailer. However, Monroe and Nick make sure that its not obvious that the two of them are working together, especially to other creatures.

Nick has a good relationship with his partner Hank Griffin, even though Hank is often at a loss to understand how Nick is able to "see" what he does in people. He has a good and mutually respectful relationship with his superior, Captain Sean Renard, despite the fact that Nick suspects that Renard has ties to the Wesen world, and may even suspect him in the death of his aunt. He is not aware that Renard actually protects Nick to the best of his abilities.

Despite Aunt Marie's warning Nick has stayed with Juliette, although he did not propose. They have a close, and loving relationship, but Juliette is getting very suspicious about the various goings on since Marie's visit. Notably, after their refrigerator was worked on by a Eisbiber, the repairman Bud told several drinking buddies that he saw a Grimm, and the curious beaver creatures have been pestering Nick and Juliette by spying on them, and even having their house egged by two Eisbiber children.

(Muse and mun 18+. Nick is from NBC's Grimm.)
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